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MMS Thermal Processing, LLC

MMS Thermal Processing is a Nadcap Accredited vacuum carburizing and hardening facility, established in 2006. Our facility is conveniently located right off of Interstate 80, in the Eastern Iowa Industrial Park. The facility houses multi chamber vacuum equipment, oil and gas quenching chambers, three traditional tempering furnaces as well as one vacuum tempering furnace. Also housed at this location, two cryogenic units and cleaning equipment, which includes a Blue Wave multi-step ultrasonic cleaning system.

Our cutting edge equipment is only one of our many assets available to your company. MMS is staffed with 25 full-time personnel, with over 60 years of vacuum-carburizing and endothermic heat treat experience. Our staff, includes metallurgists with over 40 years of vacuum-carburizing experience; with much of this experience gained in the aerospace world. We also offer a fully staffed lab, providing research and development, as well as continued quality assurance.

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