Our Process

Our ability to vacuum carburize and high pressure gas quench provides metallurgical results that are not possible from traditional atmosphere heat treating processes. Unique customer problems have been solved related to part cleanliness, carburizing blind holes, carburizing very sharp root radius gears, and minimizing distortion.

Our equipment and expertise allows us to carburize and harden low alloy steels such as AISI-4130, 9310, 4820, 8620, 1018, etc., specialty steels such as Carpenter 158, Pyrowear 53, Pyrowear 675, and various powdered metal parts. We are also able to complement the carburizing and hardening processes with the heat treatment of low alloy steels (AISI-4140, 52100, etc.), stainless steels (440C, 416, 17-4, etc.), and tool steels (M Series, A2, D2, T15, CPM10V, etc.).

Picture of furnace